First Home Buyer Live Q&A Sessions
What is hotspotting?
It's natural for property buyers - especially first home buyers - to want to buy a property that goes up in value quickly. In this Q&A we answer questions about what to look for so you get sustainable growth and we discuss the dangers in chasing "the next big thing".
This Q&A is about insurance - how to protect your biggest asset (not your house - you!!)
We believe in hoping for the best but planning for the worst, esecially when you have a mortgage. Our guest expert Craig Bigelow from True Pride answers questions about income protection, TPD, trauma policies, redundancy policies, life insurance.
What are good bones in a property?
The secret to choosing a property that can be improved without being over capitalised. We discuss the "inside" bones and the "outside" bones. The bones you can see for yourself and those you need expert advice to see.
First ever LIVE Q&A session!
You'd like to get on the property ladder BUT...

You're not really sure where to buy. You're worried about affordability and whether that means you have to buy an apartment instead of a house. How can you make sure you don't make a huge mistake? Right now, you're even thinking, is this the right time? Will the market crash? Should we wait?
All these questions covered and MORE!

Common First Home Buyer mistakes!

If you've been worried about making a mistake, missing a step or getting your steps in the wrong order, watch this video! We cover many easily avoidable errors, including why first home buyer grants can lead you down the garden path.
We're here to save you from the many pitfalls!

How to master auctions!
If you're freaked out at the prospect of bidding, you're not alone. Believe it or not, there are some simple tricks and tips you can learn to avoid paying too much as well as missing out!
So many insights from Veronica's book Auction Ready, how to buy property at auction even though you're scared s#!tless!
How and what to research at suburb level.
Do you know where to find out about redevelopment, flood zones, school catchments? Do you know how to identify the best streets and find those to avoid? What about crime rates?
We discuss the big picture right down to the local know-how you need to pick up on when researching locations.
What are demographics and why are they important?
Demographics are data about people and at suburb level, this information can give clues as to whether you should or shouldn't buy there. Changes in the way people live and behave can make a big difference to property prices and general liveability. 
What demographics make prices go up or down?
Buying land & building a house?
We cover what to features to look for in a block of land, why a sloping block might cost more to build on, the pros and cons of habitat corridors, what's covered in a building contract and whether all new houses lose value as soon as they're finished.
*NOTE - Veronica forgot to make Meighan live for the first few minutes, so you might need to fast forward!*
If you're tempted by government grants to build, this is a must watch!
What do you need to know about contracts of sale?
Is everything you need to know in one? Should you sign one of the agent say's it's ok? When do you engage a lawyer? Can you make an offer before the contract is reviewed?
Contracts are a minefield, so we have an experienced conveyancer to answer your questions.
Negotiation tips and tricks!
Not sure how or when to make an offer? Worried agents are lying to you and calling your bluff? How can you negotiate without overpaying? What does "expressions of interest" mean? What should your opening offer be and what increments should you increase by?
All these questions and more answered in this Q&A.
What to look for when you inspect property.
Want to know why some buyers knock on the walls? Why you need to take a marble with you when you inspect a house? What lipstick on a pig is? Secrets the neighbours can tell you? 
So many questions covered in this session that we've decided to run a second one next week!
More questions answered on what to look for when inspecting properties.

How do owners cover up building faults? What property styling tricks mask problems? How can you tell whether an apartment is strata title or company title and why does this matter? What building defects are location specific?
Essential expert tips to give first home buyers the upper hand!

What do you need to know about rentvesting?
Who is it the smartest option for? What type of first home buyers would benefit the most from rentvesting? What sort of property should you buy and where? Why do you need to think about tax implications for both the present and the future? What do you need to ask your mortgage broker about to make sure you don't waste money?
Info packed video!
What to look out for when buying with someone else.
Joining forces with a friend or family member might be a great way to get onto the property ladder quicker. Or it might be a fast track to losing a lot of money and killing your relationship! Watch this to find out the pros and cons and know the questions to ask to get you on the right track.
Buying a property with someone is a little like getting married - you'll need a pre-nup!
Government incentives for first home buyers.

The Federal Government is offering $25K for some first home buyers on top of State Government incentives - how do you get the best bang for buck?
State by state guide to making the most of grants without getting sucked in by spruikers.

The good, the bad & the ugly of buying off the plan.

What are the risks in buying a brand new apartment or house and land package? Should you be wary? What do you need to know so you don't make a mistake?
Must see Q&A if you are thinking of buying a brand new apartment or house.

Pre-purchase inspections.

What should you look for in a strata report? Can you rely on them? What's missing in a building & pest report? Are they worth anything or are they just full of useless disclaimers? What other reports should you get?
How and where do you find out all the important things that you REALLY need to know before you buy?

How can you accelerate your deposit?
Have you been wondering how to maximise your savings in a low interest rate environment? Been tempted to jump into the share market while it's down? What could possibly go wrong? How about the Super Saver Scheme? How can you save for your first home faster and avoid sneaky traps?

Special guest Stuart Wemyss, author of Investopoly & Rules of the Lending Game answers your questions.

Secrets of off-market properties.
Have you been wondering whether there really is a secret market and where are all the good properties hiding? How can you uncover these hidden gems? Is off-market the Holy Grail? Or could you be walking into a dangerous trap?
Expert tips for finding and assessing the hidden market.
How to get finance for your first home.
This week, we have a guest mortgage specialist to answer all your questions about borrowing, banks, interest rates...
Loads of gold, you'll even learn what the hell comparison rates are!
This Q&A is all about how to price a property.
We tackled the three biggest mistakes first home buyers make when deciding what price to pay. We answered questions about whether it's best to pay more for a bigger unrenovated property rather than a smaller, newer one. Essential tips to avoid wasting money.
Where should you buy your first home? 
As expected, the answer isn't as simple as it may seem and it's not going to be found in a top 10 list! We discuss the "3Ps" that every buyer needs to understand in order to be able to answer this question!
This Q&A is all about show stoppers.
There are some properties that you should just walk away from. How do you identify the shop stoppers before you waste your time, energy and money?
Tips for gaining the upper hand in a hot market.
We discuss how to get the edge in a sellers market, and in many locations we are well and truly in a sellers market. This is a really tricky situation for home buyers - you want to make sure you don't pay too much, but you need to ensure you do not keep missing out in a rising market.
How does the X factor affect property markets?
We tackle getting your head around the X factor... stock market fluctuations, COVID, recessions, or smaller changes in the local area. Any unexpected, unplanned for curve ball that comes at you just when you thought you had all of your ducks lines up in a row and you were ready to purchase your first home.
The Christmas rush
What does Christmas do to the property market? What can we expect in 2021? Will the entire market shut down, which in Melbourne's case will be a bummer because things have only just got up and running again... What happens with auctions?
What can you learn from sales history data?
We discuss how to assess sales history information, why it is useful, and how to use it to your advantage.
Termites (Part 1)
Over the years we have come across numerous situations where termites were present in the yard, present in the house, where there has been past termite damage or high risk of infestation. Not all of these situations are show stoppers. So in this Q&A we are going to talk through some of the situations you might encounter and some options to consider.
Termites (Part 2)
Over the years we have come across numerous situations where termites were present in the yard, present in the house, where there has been past termite damage or high risk of infestation. Not all of these situations are show stoppers. So in this Q&A we are going to talk through some of the situations you might encounter and some options to consider.
Getting ready to buy in 2021
There's no doubt 2020 threw us more curve balls that the baseball World Series! 2021 looks set to be the year of the first home buyer in property. In this video we will answer your questions about how to use the Christmas break to get yourself in the best position to buy your first property.
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