How to make an educated decision so you buy your first home with the right amount of debt.
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NOTE: THIS TRAINING IS FOR first home buyers who want to purchase the right home for them without FEELING PRESSURED BY debt. If this is you, sign up now.
By the end of this training you will be able to:
 Understand how to finally achieve the security of owning your own home without secretly worrying you've missed out on something.
 Know how to work out WHEN is the right time to buy.
 Learn the difference between good debt and bad debt and the right questions to ask your mortgage broker.
We've got over 40 years of experience we'll share with you in this training to help you become an educated home buyer!
This information is intended to be of a general nature and must not be construed as advice. You will need to get expert legal advice regardless of whether you do the Home Buyer Academy course or engage a buyers agent.
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How to become an educated home buyer and buy your home with the right amount of debt.
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