Your First Home Buyer Guide.
Get there without missing a step.
FREE mini course: how to work out the right price to pay.
Three short videos that show you step by step how to avoid paying too much.
Saved your deposit and wondering what to do next?

We know that buying your first home is both exciting AND daunting. A bit like climbing a mountain. Saving the deposit is a huge challenge - but that only gets you to base camp. Then what? You somehow need to get safely up rest of the mountain!

When you reach the summit, you'll feel amazing, but it's not an easy journey. What’s the best way to get started? Do you know where to look? Who is best to learn from?  Everyone’s got an opinion and your parents and friends don’t necessarily know any more than you. Even though they think they do…

You could hire a buyers’ agent, but whose got the extra money for that? Then there are developers and sales agents, but do they have your best interests at heart? Or your mortgage broker, who is really helpful but not a property expert.

You’re not alone. Most home buyers, let alone first home buyers, struggle for three main reasons: 

  • They don’t know what they don’t know and they don't know where to turn.
  • It’s easier to lose money on property than most people realise.
  • It’s scary and it's a huge commitment!
As adults we’re entirely responsible for our own decisions and the consequences of getting this wrong are huge.

In this course you will go from feeling completely lost to feeling like you’ve got this! You’ll experience the confidence of buying your first home without making rookie mistakes.
Don't risk losing your hard earned deposit!

Home Buyer Academy has been created for you. Join now and you’re immediately on the path to making more confident decisions. You'll get onto the property ladder and your first home will set you up financially for life.

It's easy to get started
FREE Mini Course: Find out how to work out the right price to pay. Check our blog for expert tips, checklists and resources.
Soon you'll be able to learn everything you need to know about buying your first home in the Your First Home Buyer Guide online course and mentoring program. Enrolments open from 1-14 October 2020.
Join our FREE weekly live Q&A sessions on the Home Buyer Academy AUS Facebook page.
Every Wednesday 7.30pm AEST.
First Home Buyers who've come on the journey with us.
I learned about topics that I would never even have thought about. What to look for when purchasing a property, what to buy and how the purchase can affect you in the future. It opens your eyes up to different investment strategies, and peoples' situations. As a first home buyer it's comforting to know that you are not going through this struggle alone.
Having the fundamentals, that you and Meighan have given us, to come back to are giving me the confidence to keep moving forward even though I feel like I am taking one step back and one forwards.
Your checklist is so incredibly effective - I am using this apartment to follow it to the tee - and it feels like it just cuts through all the emotional rabbit holes you go down and brings everything back into perspective/reality.
What a wonderful pair Veronica and Meighan are! They share their expertise freely and are an amazing resource for not only first home buyers...but all home buyers. They take the FOMO out of buying a house and have helped us get over our "analysis paralysis" and develop a plan to achieve our housing goals.  Honest, reliable and impartial advice is exceptionally hard to come by in property, but Veronica and Meighan provide it in spades... we couldn't recommend them more highly.
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FREE mini course!
How to work out the right price to pay.
Three short videos that will show you step by step how to price a property like a pro! 
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