How to make an educated decision so you buy your first home with the right amount of debt.
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Brought to you by Meighan Wells and Veronica Morgan.
Meighan & Veronica are both buyer's agents, each with over 20 years experience. Meighan's award winning buyer's agency is located in Brisbane and Sydney based Veronica is also well known as the co-host of Location Location Location Australia and The Elephant in the Room podcast.
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 Three video lessons that will turn YOU into an educated home buyer.
 Understand how to finally achieve the security of owning your own home without secretly worrying you've missed out on something.
 How to work out WHEN is the right time to buy.
 Learn the difference between good debt and bad debt and the right questions to ask your mortgage broker.
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How to become an educated home buyer and buy your home with the right amount of debt.
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