How to price a property like a professional.
These three 5-minute videos will show you step-by-step how to work out the right price to pay for your first home.

An excellent place to start your property journey - and it’s FREE! 
The top 9 challenges you don’t know you’re facing.
We don't mean to scare you from the get-go, but awareness will get you on the right path sooner! Check out the questions to ask that will put you ahead of the pack.
How Much Should I Save to Buy My First Home?
10% or 20% deposit? How much is stamp duty? What is LIM? What else do I need to pay for? The complete list of things you'll need to save for.
First home buyer research: where to start?
You can find almost anything online but it's not always useful. Save time by using these resources. Here's our list of "pre-tested" free online tools.
Why most property statistics don't matter.
Statistics tell stories and they don't always tell the truth. All depends on whose doing the spinning. Find out how to decode click-bait headlines.
Do you really need a property plan?
We know it sounds boring, but without a plan, there's a good chances of making a huge mistake. Check out the many (sometimes surprising) upsides of planning.
Buying your first home? How to reach the summit.

Saving your deposit gets you only to base camp. Next step: safely climb to the top of the mountain! Find out exactly what mountain climbing and house hunting have in common.

Why your first home is the most important.
It's much easier to lose money on property than most people realise. Start off on the right foot! Three common mistakes you can easily avoid.