We've always associated the word 'fitness' with physical health, but have you ever heard of the term "money fitness"?

Today, we're talking to Owen Raszkiewicz, Founder of Rask Australia. He shares his tips on what you should do to begin your money fitness journey, get extra funding, manage instant gratification and something a lot of property people don't like to cover but that we're up for: discussing other investment opportunities beyond real estate.

We also answer questions like, "What do we need to know about money that we don't get taught at school?" and, "What can we do to make the most of our income and what else can you invest in besides property?" as we explore what it means to be 'money-fit'.

There's so much gold in this episode and the information is definitely too valuable to pass up! Tune in now and we'll see you on the inside!
Episode Highlights:
• What is "money fitness"? [03:06]
     • Owen's #1 tip for becoming money-fit [04:09]
• How to allocate money to make sure you have extra funds [05:35]
     • Get extra funds by earning more... or spending less [09:24]
• How can we begin our money fitness journey? [13:13]
     • What we should have been taught at school about money [16:14]
• The case of instant gratification [18:29]
• The significance of understanding good debt and bad debt [21:16]
• Prioritizing financial goals for your circumstances [23:29]
• Why separate money for shares from funds for a home purchase? [25:38]
• How can you build wealth if property investing isn't an option just yet? [30:48]
     • Consider alternative Real Estate investments (Rentvesting, REITs, etc.) [34:00]
• Managing the risks of investing in property [36:35]
• A recap on the key points of the episode [42:26]
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About our Guest:
Owen Raszkiewicz is the Founder of Rask Australia and the host of the Australian Finance Podcast and the Australian Investors Podcast, two of Australia's top-ranked investing and finance shows.

Owen teaches the Value Investor Program for Rask Education, the educational arm of Rask Australia and is the lead Investment Analyst for his members-only share research service, Rask Invest. He also founded Rask Media, an investment news website that attracts more than 100,000 unique readers.

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