Have you ever considered purchasing a strata property but then got fazed by how different it is from buying a house?
There's a whole additional layer of due diligence that needs to be done and before you get elbows deep in a property, inspecting strata records should be your first course of action.
Amanda Farmer of Your Strata Property shares her expertise in strata & community titles law. We talk about why you must start with records inspection before buying, the 4 steps she takes for a successful strata records inspection, a brief look at the 101s and much more!
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Episode Highlights:
1. The Rollercoaster Apartments in Vietnam [03:52]
2. You must always start with the inspection of records before buying [05:30]
3. Strata 101 for first home buyers [06:21]
4. How do you know if the records you're getting are complete & correct? [10:16]
     • Who makes up the body corporate of strata apartments? [11:13]
5. Why buyers MUST examine strata records [13:06]
6. Step 1 - Request to see the records [18:04]
7. Get advice from someone who truly understands strata [22:02]
8. Step 2 - Understand what should be there when you inspect strata records [24:22]
     • Why do forecasts and the capital works fund go hand in hand? [26:54]
9. What does Amanda look for in terms of strata compliance? [32:56]
     • Buying old vs. new buildings [34:45]
10. Step 3 - Understand the misconceptions when it comes to records inspections [38:18]
11. Step 4 (for owners) - Request for any missing records you want to see [44:57]
12. Step 4 (for buyers) - Ask an adviser if record details make you uncomfortable [46:00]
13. Don't be afraid to invest in strata (with the right knowledge)! [48:35]
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About Amanda:
Amanda Farmer provides upfront, no-nonsense legal advice and representation via her legal practice, Lawyers Chambers. As a Fellow and Council Member of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers, she is recognised by her peers as an accomplished professional in the area of strata and community titles law.
Amanda advises and represents owners, buildings, developers, strata management companies and local councils. She is also the host of the Your Strata Property podcast.
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