Did you know that the "bank of mum and dad" is now the 9th largest lender in the country?
With this option front and center, it's incredibly important to know how the whole process works and what kind of agreements first home buyers can enter into.
We're joined by Barry Frakes of Australian Family Lawyers as we uncover what needs to be discussed when it comes to borrowing from the bank of mum and dad, from setting up a good agreement, preventing family frictions in case something goes wrong, and what to do if it does happen.
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Episode Highlights:
1. What is "the bank of mum & dad" and what are the options? [02:52]
2. Veronica's personal " bank of mum & dad" story [04:12]
3. What to do before borrowing from the bank of mum & dad [06:12]
4. Preventing family frictions when borrowing from your parents [11:39]
5. Would your parents be the first mortgagee if they're listed as a lender? [14:50]
6. You need a great mortgage broker to help communicate with the bank [18:18]
7. Unclear terms of agreement causes family fallouts [22:39]
8. Form an exit strategy at the very beginning of the agreement [28:01]
9. What about going the co-ownership route? [32:04]
10. The risks of following the wrong advice [35:33]
11. Prenuptials are a good idea, but it's not absolutely essential [40:31]
12. How do you even begin to talk about borrowing from mum & dad? [43:22]
13. What does Barry know now that he wishes he knew at the start? [45:24]
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About Barry:
Barry Frakes leads Australian Family Lawyers' international strategy, leveraging his relationships and global experience to drive their growth as a premier family law firm for international family law matters and Heads our Asset Protect Division. His international focus includes the management of relationships with partner firms internationally including Stowe Family Law in the UK.
Barry is also the Governor (Asia Pacific Chapter) of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.
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