Changing for the better is good, but is suburb gentrification as promising as it sounds?
As years pass, suburbs may transform due to a new class of people moving in the area. When this happens, what do current inhabitants and property buyers need to be really careful about?
Today, we have Peter Koulizos of The Property Professor to help us learn more about suburb gentrification and its indicators. Plus, we discuss how first home buyers can make better decisions when they have enough information about gentrification, warning signs to be aware of, and the basics of urban renewal.
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Episode Highlights:
1. Meighan's featured property for this episode [02:18]
2. What is suburb gentrification? [04:43]
3. Renovating historic buildings [06:13]
4. The big difference between urban renewal and gentrification [10:13]
6. Factors to look for as evidence that an area is gentrifying [12:56]
7. Why are single people & couples with no kids an indication of gentrification? [18:19]
8. How long does suburb gentrification take? [25:16]
9. Making better decisions with information about gentrification [27:07]
10. Location is important [31:26]
11. Is the gentrification process in cities the same as regional towns? [34:27]
12. Warning signs to look out for [37:47]
13. The earlier you own a property, the better [39:36]
About Our Guest:
Combining the theory of property investment with more practical aspects, Peter Koulizos teaches people how to have property investment success. Peter also researches property markets around the nation, looking for the best investment suburbs in each capital city. Specialising in property valuation and property economics, he not only has personal investment experience but also holds a teaching degree, Graduate Diploma in Property and Masters of Business (Property).
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