The word "insurance" usually gives people the wrong idea - it's either boring or it's too serious and heavy to handle on a normal day.
In the property space however, it is more than crucial to have insurance and today, we learn all there is to know about getting insured and making sure you have the right one for you!
Craig Bigelow of Via Financial Group joins us as we tackle insurance for homeowners (and non-homeowners too) - why you NEED to protect your income, how you can afford to get insurance, lender's mortgage insurance (and what it actually does), and more!
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Episode Highlights:
1. Meighan's featured house for the episode [02:13]
2. Why do you NEED to have insurance (homeowner or not)? [04:27]
3. How first home buyers can afford to insure their income [08:52]
4. Income protection, trauma, TPD, life insurance & more [12:05]
5. Poor finance (& no insurance) can lead to a multitude of stresses [16:38]
6. Is there something that protects the borrower in a lender's mortgage insurance? [20:30]
7. Two types of income protection insurance [25:24]
8. Getting insurance is not a "set and forget" strategy [29:26]
9. The cost of buying too much insurance (or not getting any then needing it) [33:47]
10. What Craig knows now that he would've wanted to know at the start [39:33]
About Our Guest:
Craig Bigelow is the Head of the insurance team at Via Financial Group, also while providing personal insurance advice as part of the broader group. He has spent the last 17 years working in the Financial Services space and because he knows some people may find insurance "boring", his goal is to make sure you know what's important and that you have the right amount of insurance at all times.
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