Today's episode is all about the home buying journey of another Home Buyer Academy Graduate who successfully tackled the tricky task of buying a home in Melbourne.

Gwenda spills the tea and takes us through the ups and downs of her story, talking about what she thought would happen, what really went down, and the smart moves that allowed her to conquer the home buying mountain.

Picture this episode as your sneak peek into the playbook of someone who's already scored a win. So whether you're on the house-hunting hustle or just curious about how things roll in Melbourne's housing game, this episode's got you covered.

Episode Highlights:
00:00 - Introduction
02:20 - When did Gwenda decide that she wanted to buy her first home?
03:36 - How Gwenda came up with the deposit
07:40 - When did Gwenda turn up for the campfire sessions
09:44 - What influenced Gwenda into deciding NOT to act on the two initial properties
12:33 - The difference between doing on-the-ground exploration and just researching online
15:09 - How Gwenda readjusted her thinking and reassessed the type of property she wanted
19:30 - Gwenda shares the story behind her change in property preference
24:35 - How Gwenda knew she found the right property
27:34 - The story of how Gwenda snagged the property she wanted
30:29 - What happened after Gwenda made the offer
34:29 - Gwenda shares her Home Buyer Academy timeline
38:23 - How Gwenda now feels about having a mortgage
41:48 - Gwenda's advice for those who are thinking of getting the First Home Buyer Guide Course
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Veronica Morgan & Meighan Wells 

Veronica & Meighan are both licensed real estate agents who exclusively help buyers. Together they have nearly 40 years experience as property professionals.

Veronica is principal of Sydney based Good Deeds Property Buyers and is also co-host of The Elephant in the Room property podcast as well as Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel and author of Auction Ready: how to buy property at auction even though you're scared s#!tless!

Meighan is the multi award winning principal of Brisbane based Property Pursuit, chairperson of the REIQ Buyers Agent Chapter & a regular media commentator.

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