In today's fast-paced real estate market, buyers often feel pressured by agents to make quick decisions, but how can you be sure you're not overlooking essential details in the rush? What are the key aspects to scrutinise in your contract to prevent future issues? We delve into these critical questions at the outset, highlighting why careful property assessment is crucial.

To help us better navigate these waters, we're joined by Jennie Tonner, a seasoned professional in the field of conveyancing. With a career spanning over three decades, including significant experience in top Australian law firms, Jennie offers a unique perspective on what buyers should be aware of before signing on the dotted line.

Tune in to find out why thorough property checks are more than just a checkbox in your home-buying journey.

Episode Highlights:
00:00 - Introduction
02:02 - Who is Jennie Tonner?
02:33 - Jennie explains the role of a conveyancer/lawyer in minimising risks for buyers
03:54 - The differences in disclosure requirements across Australian states
06:08 - The different roles of conveyancers
11:37 - Weighing independent pre-purchase inspection reports and vendor-supplied ones
13:43 - What conveyancers/lawyers do to help home buyers understand pre-purchase reports
16:21 - Why should buyers consult a conveyancer before making an offer?
18:47 - Don't rely on strata reports from other units even if they're within the same complex
20:22 - Discussion on unapproved works
22:59 - Identifying potential issues and ensuring proper contract terms with a conveyancer
27:09 - Benefits of dealing with an experienced conveyancer
32:22 - What's NOT included in pre-purchase inspections
38:41 - One thing Jennie wishes she knew as a first home buyer
About Our Guest:

Jennie Tonner is a qualified licensed conveyancer with 35 years of experience, which includes an impressive 18 years at two of Australia's leading law firms, King & Wood Mallesons and Allens Linklaters. She has an extensive understanding and expertise in all areas of conveyancing work, adeptly managing the sale or purchase of both commercial and residential properties throughout New South Wales for both vendors and purchasers.

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