In this episode, we expose the worst mistakes rentvestors make when it comes to tax depreciation, the pitfalls to avoid at all costs, and dispel common myths surrounding this complex topic.

While the concept of tax depreciation may look like an uninteresting and dull subject, it is anything but that especially for rentvestors looking to maximise their returns.

Joining us today is Mike Mortlock - Managing Director at MCG Quantity Surveyors, who brings with him a wealth of experience to shine some light on the subject. The complexity of property assessments, the nuances of tax laws, Mike imparts insights that are not just based on theory but on years of actual experience and real life application.

For you to really pursue rentvesting, it's essential to have knowledge about tax effective strategies. So don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's best. Let's dive in!

Episode Highlights:
00:00 - Introduction
02:22 - Who is Mike Mortlock?
03:16 - What does a quantity surveyor do?
05:26 - Most common Mike gets asked as an expert in tax depreciation
07:34 - The hidden dangers of overvaluing tax deductions in property investments
12:53 - Mike's definition of tax depreciation, how its used and some of the pros and cons
16:34 - Two main components of tax depreciation
19:38 - What first time buyers should know about maximising depreciation
23:24 - Is it true that only brand new properties qualify for depreciation claims?
26:25 - The role of quantity surveyors in real estate investment
29:31 - How do quantity surveyors aid in accurate property insurance coverage?
34:37 - How to tell if your capital works forecast is based on real inspection or a calculator?
37:34 - What is one thing Mike wishes he knew as a first time buyer?
About Our Guest:

➼ Mike Mortlock is the Managing Director of MCG Quantity Surveryors and is an industry leader in tax depreciation. Mike has worked as an expert depreciation consultant with a number of major firms such as McDonalds, Canberra Airport, Hilton Hotels, Stockland and more. He has completed thousands of depreciation schedules for commercial and residential property and is in demand as a public speaker. Mike is regularly featured in the Australian Financial Review, Real, in Australian Property Investor and other print and radio publications. As a specialist in tax depreciation, Mike has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for maximising depreciation entitlements. It is this passion that results in outstanding results for MCG's clients. Outside of work Mike is a keen musician and an elite amateur triathlete, having represented Australia.

Connect with Mike Mortlock:

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