Local knowledge is so important when buying property. No one knows an area more than its residents, and a local buyers agent is the perfect person to approach before inking that contract.

In this episode, we're doing a regional spotlight and focusing on the things first home buyers need to know about purchasing property in Geelong and Ballarat. We're talking to local expert Cate Bakos on her tips on what first home buyers should be looking at and the mistakes that can be avoided in the process.

If you're thinking about buying in any of these areas, this will definitely be a beneficial conversation to tune into.

See you on the inside!
Episode Highlights:
• What are first home buyers purchasing right now in Ballarat? [03:16]
     • The price difference between properties near and far from the city [05:37]
     • Employment opportunities [07:38]
• Is there a shortage of property due to more people relocating to Ballarat? [09:35]
• Ballarat and the possibility of rentvesting [11:04]
• The transport demand in Geelong [12:28]
• What is it about Geelong that draws people in? [14:38]
• Gentrification and property prices in Geelong vs. Melbourne [16:36]
• Where are first home buyers gravitating towards in Geelong? [19:28]
• Mistakes people make when buying in Geelong or Ballarat [22:19]
• Is there anything crazy going on in the property space? [28:54]
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About Our Guest
Cate Bakos is a buyers agent and the owner of Cate Bakos Property, a boutique and independent Melbourne Buyers Agency firm. Her extensive asset-selection experience not only in Melbourne metro suburbs but also in Victorian regional markets including Ballarat and Geelong has given her a valuable point of difference to offer her cashflow-driven clients.

Cate currently holds the position of President for REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents' Association (national body) and is a proud PIPA member with a QPIA (Qualified Property Investment Advisor) status.

• Learn more about Cate and visit her website!
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