Paying the right price for a property is high on everyone's list, but it's even more difficult in a hot market.
So how do you get it right to make sure you don't keep missing out while not having to pay way too much?
Today we're talking about one of the hardest parts of buying your first place - how to work out what to pay. To do so, you need to have a good idea about which way the market's going, and how quickly it's moving, otherwise, you could end up paying too much or constantly missing out because you aren't offering enough!
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Episode Highlights:
• Methods people use when pricing property [02:48]
     • The "dart board" [03:06]
     • Using the agent's price guide [04:09]
• How do agents mainly assess a property's price? [07:43]
• Price well by learning more about the property market [12:07]
• Your decision should be your own - not someone else's! [14:36]
• Paying premium prices in a rising market [17:48]
• If a property has an unfixable issue, it will always be an issue [20:10]
• What this episode is really about [21:53]
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How ready are you to buy your first home?

Veronica Morgan & Meighan Wells 

Veronica & Meighan are both licensed real estate agents who exclusively help buyers. Together they have nearly 40 years experience as property professionals.

Veronica is principal of Sydney based Good Deeds Property Buyers and is also co-host of The Elephant in the Room property podcast as well as Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel and author of Auction Ready: how to buy property at auction even though you're scared s#!tless!

Meighan is the multi award winning principal of Brisbane based Property Pursuit, chairperson of the REIQ Buyers Agent Chapter & a regular media commentator.

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How ready are you to buy your first home?