In today's installment of our bad advice series, we delve into a piece of guidance that's often thrown around in the world of home buying: "Keep your cards close to your chest, don't tell the agent anything." It's the kind of advice that seems wise on the surface, but is it truly beneficial for first-time home buyers in Australia?

Join us as we break down the misconceptions surrounding this advice and explore the nuances and why following it blindly can lead to unexpected challenges in your home-buying journey. While it might sound like a prudent approach to negotiation, our experts will shed light on how transparency with the agent can actually work in your favour.

Tune in now to discover why "Don't Tell the Agent Anything" might not be the golden rule you thought it was and how to navigate this crucial aspect of your home-buying journey.

Episode Highlights:
00:00 - Introduction
02:09 - Meighan's special house of the week
03:40 - Should you be talking to your agent about your budget?
08:14 - These are areas you don't need to disclose to your agent
10:23 - The importance of creating an emotional connection with your agent first
12:09 - Don't put yourself in a position where the agent is able to apply pressure on you
14:29 - When "don't tell the agent anything" can be treated as bad advice
18:56 - The type of buyer that agents typically hate
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Veronica Morgan & Meighan Wells 

Veronica & Meighan are both licensed real estate agents who exclusively help buyers. Together they have nearly 40 years experience as property professionals.

Veronica is principal of Sydney based Good Deeds Property Buyers and is also co-host of The Elephant in the Room property podcast as well as Location Location Location Australia on Foxtel and author of Auction Ready: how to buy property at auction even though you're scared s#!tless!

Meighan is the multi award winning principal of Brisbane based Property Pursuit, chairperson of the REIQ Buyers Agent Chapter & a regular media commentator.

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