Your First Home Buyer Guide.

Get there without missing a step.

Free Training

Become Educated & Buy Your First Home With The Right Amount Of Debt
  • Understand how to finally achieve the security of owning your own home without secretly worrying you've missed out on something.
  • How to work out WHEN is the right time to buy.
  • Learn the difference between good debt and bad debt and the right questions to ask your mortgage broker.
  • Myth busting FREE training.

Free Mini Course

Learn how to price a property like a professional
  • These three short videos will show you step-by-step how to work out the right price to pay for your first home.
  • Learn where to find the information you need to price with confidence.
  • Learn how to compare recent sales.
  • Worksheet Included.
  • A MUST HAVE for all first home buyers - and it's FREE!

Kick Start Bundle

Your First Home Buyer Guide
Three tutorials to get you started
  • Where To Buy Tutorial: for owner-occupiers who need to stop wasting time looking in the wrong places at the wrong properties.
  • Stepping Stone Strategy Tutorial: three strategies to help you climb the property ladder and achieve your dream home faster.
  • Where to Invest Tutorial: a systematic way to narrow down your search area without second guessing yourself and your chosen locations.
  • Grab the Kick Start Bundle for only $99 including GST

Your First Home Buyer Guide

The complete 10 module course following the PACE system. Buy your first property without missing a step and getting it wrong.
  • Follow Meighan & Veronica's simple and proven step-by-step process to buy your first home. 
  • The PACE system: Preparation, Action, Commitment & Execution. When you follow this process, and get everything in the right order, you will buy your first home sooner and with more confidence.
  • The program includes cheatsheets & checklists, access to our members' only forum, a copy of Veronica's book: Auction Ready plus BONUS Where to Buy Tutorial.
  • 30-Days Access to Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions with Veronica & Meighan. Get their expert guidance every step of the way. They'll even help you when it comes to negotiations!
  • All Lessons, Course Materials, Forum & Access to Live Q&A Sessions for only
    $990 including GST

Where to Buy Tutorial

Where YOU can learn how to answer the question for yourself (and it's simpler than you think).
  • Exactly what you can buy for your budget in different locations
  • What your deal breakers should be and what to compromise on without making a huge mistake
  • How to solve the size versus location dilemma (did you even know that was a thing??)
  • And, ultimately, what and where to buy (with all wishful thinking successfully removed)
  • Video tutorial only $39 including GST

Stepping Stone

Strategy Tutorial

Where YOU can learn how to make your first home do the heavy lifting so your dream home is a very real possibility in the future.
  • What type of buyer you are (there are three) and which stepping stone is right for each type
  • How to research locations and not get information overload
  • The quickest way to grow equity
  • How to avoid getting stuck on the first rung of the property ladder
  • And, ultimately, exactly what you need to look for in your first home
  • Video tutorial only $39 including GST

Where to Invest Tutorial

Where YOU can learn how to make an investment decision that you won't regret.
  • How to set your goals so you don't accidentally look in the wrong areas
  • What type of investor you are (there are three main ones) and the type of property best suited to you
  • How to quickly narrow down your list of potential locations
  • And, ultimately, exactly what you need to look for in an investment property
  • Video tutorial only $39 including GST

Price Value Comparison

Kick Start
Kick off your property journey. Three tutorials designed to help you work out where to start.
  Where to buy tutorial
  Stepping stone strategy tutorial
  Where to invest tutorial
Your First Home
Buyer Guide
Everything you need to become an educated home buyer. Follow this complete step by step process so you don't miss a thing.
  Complete 10 Module Course
  Member forum
  Where to buy tutorial
  30 days access to live weekly Q&As with Meighan & Veronica
Engage a
Buyers Agent
Complete done-for-you service.
Engage a buyers agent to follow the home buying process on your behalf. This is your best option if you lack the time or inclination to learn the process.

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