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17 Jul 2024
What’s the secret to overcoming the big ‘C’ in property buying? In this episode, we dive deep into the art of compromising when it comes to purchasing your first home.
10 Jul 2024
Join us as we take you through the details of a real-life coaching call with one of our students gearing up for her very first auction. From discussing the merits of attending an auction online versus being physically present, to breaking down how to establish your price limit, this episode is packed with insights that will set you up to be successful at your very first property auction experience.
3 Jul 2024
In this episode, we break down the five essential dos and don’ts for choosing the best mortgage broker. We cover everything from the crucial questions to ask, how to assess potential brokers, and the red flags to watch out for.
26 Jun 2024
In today's episode, we talk about one home buyer's experience on her journey towards homeownership, marked by overcoming costly mistakes to achieve success. Meet Amanda, a determined individual whose path to owning a home was paved with challenges and valuable lessons. It's a story of resilience and growth, where Amanda's mindset evolved significantly along the way.
19 Jun 2024
Today, we discuss the story of a woman who moved back to her home state and bought a house without personally inspecting it. Relying on outdated photos and the assurances of an agent, she arrived to find her new home in a state of disrepair. From piles of rubbish to structural concerns, her experience serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of thorough due diligence in the home buying process.
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Updates on our latest episodes, delivered straight to your inbox.
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