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18 May 2022
Let’s talk about the crazy mistakes first home buyers make when making offers. We cover the importance of getting a real estate team, the limits of a buyers agent’s role, and first home buyer stories & experiences that will make you giggle, but you definitely should not copy!
11 May 2022
Here’s a topic we wish we didn’t have to cover… But it’s so important – how floods affect property prices. Join us as we talk about Australia’s flood statistics, the Brisbane floods, the importance of due diligence when looking at properties in a flood zone, and heaps more!
4 May 2022
Alice and Mike, two of our Home Buyer Academy graduates, share how they cut down costs to save up for a deposit, searched for a house during a highly competitive time in the market, and how they ended up with the rustic home of their dreams!
27 Apr 2022
In today’s episode, we follow a first home buyer’s journey – who, from the very outset, decided to use a buyers agent. Sarah Kane shares the circumstances that led her to want her own home, what she did to save up for a deposit, her search for the right buyers agent, and how she ultimately sealed the deal on a nice villa!
20 Apr 2022
In today’s show, we’re running through 10 things that will help you know when you’re ready to buy your first home! Are my savings enough to cover the deposit? Are my property expectations and expected living conditions in order? Am I comfortable in dealing with real estate agents? – we cover these and more!
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