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17 Aug 2022
In today’s show, we’re talking about the ‘buy or rent’ debate: Why buy when you can’t rent? Why rent when you can buy? – But ultimately, you decide where you stand…
10 Aug 2022
In today’s episode, we’re taking a look at the pros and cons of buying a townhouse versus an apartment. We also talk about your unique ‘3Ps’, making decisions based on your lifestyle and future plans, finding a ‘unicorn home’, and more!
3 Aug 2022
Andrew Wheatley of Wheatley Finance joins us today as we demystify the bank valuation process – Why do banks do valuations? How do they work? What happens if the valuation is lower than what you paid? – we answer these and more!
27 Jul 2022
We’re breaking down a 2021 article with this heartbreaking headline: “Sydney building ‘nightmare’ set to cost first home buyer her life savings”. Could it have been avoided?
20 Jul 2022
Today, we’re exploring the long-term impacts of climate change on your ability to insure your home now or in the future – are you covered?
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