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9 Feb 2021
First home buyer grants sound exciting they could end up enticing you to buy the wrong property.
16 Jun 2020
The space versus location dilemma is part of the home buying process. How to be clear on what your priorities are before you decide where to buy your first home.
27 May 2020
Three things you need to know before you begin your property search. If you understand these, you'll avoid listening to the wrong advice and heading in the wrong direction.
21 May 2020
There are three circumstances where first home buyers should seriously consider buying an investment property rather than a property to live in. Do any of these apply to you?
7 May 2020
How to work out whether you need to pay stamp duty and how much you'll need to pay. It's different in every state and territory!
30 Apr 2020
Three reasons why thinking rent money is dead money is one of the most surprising first home buyer mistakes.
3 Aug 2019
Three key things for first home buyers to understand so they can avoid making a big mistake.
4 Aug 2019
If your parents go guarantor on your mortgage you won't need to save up a 20% deposit and can avoid paying lenders mortgage insurance PLUS you can get your first home sooner. Here's what you need to know before you ask them to help.
21 Jun 2019
We don't mean to scare you from the get-go, but awareness will get you on the right path sooner! Check out the questions to ask that will put you ahead of the pack.
21 Jun 2019
10% or 20% deposit? How much is stamp duty? What is LMI? What else do you need to pay for? The complete list of things you'll need to save for.
21 Jun 2019
You can find almost anything online but it's not always useful. Save time by using these resources. Here's our list of "pre-tested" free online tools.
21 Jun 2019
Statistics tell stories and they don't always tell the truth. All depends on whose doing the spinning. Find out how to decode click-bait headlines.
21 Jun 2019
We know it sounds boring, but without a plan, there's a good chances of making a huge mistake. Check out the many (sometimes surprising) upsides of planning.
21 Jun 2019
Saving your deposit gets you only to base camp. Next step: safely climb to the top of the mountain! Find out exactly what mountain climbing and house hunting have in common.