17 Jul 2024
What’s the secret to overcoming the big ‘C’ in property buying? In this episode, we dive deep into the art of compromising when it comes to purchasing your first home.
10 Jul 2024
Join us as we take you through the details of a real-life coaching call with one of our students gearing up for her very first auction. From discussing the merits of attending an auction online versus being physically present, to breaking down how to establish your price limit, this episode is packed with insights that will set you up to be successful at your very first property auction experience.
3 Jul 2024
In this episode, we break down the five essential dos and don’ts for choosing the best mortgage broker. We cover everything from the crucial questions to ask, how to assess potential brokers, and the red flags to watch out for.
26 Jun 2024
In today's episode, we talk about one home buyer's experience on her journey towards homeownership, marked by overcoming costly mistakes to achieve success. Meet Amanda, a determined individual whose path to owning a home was paved with challenges and valuable lessons. It's a story of resilience and growth, where Amanda's mindset evolved significantly along the way.
19 Jun 2024
Today, we discuss the story of a woman who moved back to her home state and bought a house without personally inspecting it. Relying on outdated photos and the assurances of an agent, she arrived to find her new home in a state of disrepair. From piles of rubbish to structural concerns, her experience serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of thorough due diligence in the home buying process.
12 Jun 2024
In this episode, we talk about the crucial steps you need to follow to steer clear of the top three million-dollar property mistakes. Join us as we dissect these common pitfalls and equip you with the knowledge to avoid them.
5 Jun 2024
Today, we talk about the surprising ways you might unintentionally become contractually obligated to purchase a property and highlight the importance of understanding property laws, the conveyance process, and the critical steps you need to take to protect yourself.
29 May 2024
In this episode, we delve into a recent report highlighting a surprising trend: Gen Z and millennials are turning to family and friends for financial guidance instead of seeking advice from professionals. This approach might save them money on consultation fees, but are they sacrificing valuable insights and potentially better outcomes?
22 May 2024
Today, we address a situation that many first-time home buyers are often faced with: to bid at auctions or avoid them altogether. We talk about the challenges and fears associated with auctions and examine if avoiding them is truly the best choice. This episode aims to make the auction process easier to understand and share practical tips to help you make well-thought-out decisions.
15 May 2024
In this episode, we talk about how buying your first home can be really tricky and highlight the potential pitfalls that could trip you up along the way. In the pursuit of homeownership, the last thing any first home buyer wants to encounter is an unexpected financial hurdle. So we explore this real-life story of a Gen-Z’er whose HECS debt nearly derailed her first home purchase, shedding light on the crucial lessons to be learned.
8 May 2024
This episode follows Heidi's journey, a first-time home buyer and a Home Buyer Academy graduate who shares the story of how she went from dreaming of owning a home to actually making it a reality.
1 May 2024
Today, we tackle common issues and challenges faced by many first home buyers and break down four essential steps you need to take before diving into your home search.
24 Apr 2024
Join us as we dive into the rentvesting versus homeownership debate, examining the advantages, disadvantages, and everything in between.
17 Apr 2024
There are many important decisions to make when buying your first home, from using grants, evaluating properties, down to dealing with financing issues. Without the right help, first home buyers could end up overpaying for a property or buying in less desirable locations, which can negatively impact both financial well-being and long-term satisfaction with the purchase
10 Apr 2024
Every Wednesday, we hold a weekly campfire for Your First Home Buyer Guide students so they can have direct access to ask us any property-related questions. And in this two-part series, we share some of the questions that we believe resonate with a lot of first home buyers. We break down complex queries into easy-to-understand tips and strategies.
3 Apr 2024
In this episode, we break down the common fears first home buyers face and discover some simple but impactful strategies to beat them. Don't let fear stop you from getting your own place—tune in and take the first step toward owning your dream home.
27 Mar 2024
Purchasing a home in regional areas seems like an attractive prospect, however, the perception of lower prices can often mask hidden risks and challenges. Without the right guidance, first-time buyers may find themselves facing unexpected hurdles and potential financial setbacks. What are the implications of overlooking common mistakes when purchasing property in regional locations?
20 Mar 2024
In today’s episode, we dive into the importance of seeking advice at the right time, especially when it comes to buying your first home. We're here to explore why waiting until the eleventh hour to seek guidance often leads to irreversible mistakes and, ultimately, regrets.
13 Mar 2024
Your initial meeting with a mortgage broker could make or break your home buying journey. Without proper preparation and knowledge of what to expect, this initial encounter can potentially lead to confusion and missed opportunities in securing the right mortgage for your needs. But what can you expect when meeting with a mortgage broker for the first time?
6 Mar 2024
In this episode, we provide a straightforward breakdown of the 10 essential steps you need to follow when buying your first home. We know that it can feel really challenging without a clear guide to follow and this lack of understanding often leads to confusion, frustration, and costly mistakes throughout the home buying process.
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