18 May 2022
Let’s talk about the crazy mistakes first home buyers make when making offers. We cover the importance of getting a real estate team, the limits of a buyers agent’s role, and first home buyer stories & experiences that will make you giggle, but you definitely should not copy!
11 May 2022
Here’s a topic we wish we didn’t have to cover… But it’s so important – how floods affect property prices. Join us as we talk about Australia’s flood statistics, the Brisbane floods, the importance of due diligence when looking at properties in a flood zone, and heaps more!
4 May 2022
Alice and Mike, two of our Home Buyer Academy graduates, share how they cut down costs to save up for a deposit, searched for a house during a highly competitive time in the market, and how they ended up with the rustic home of their dreams!
27 Apr 2022
In today’s episode, we follow a first home buyer’s journey – who, from the very outset, decided to use a buyers agent. Sarah Kane shares the circumstances that led her to want her own home, what she did to save up for a deposit, her search for the right buyers agent, and how she ultimately sealed the deal on a nice villa!
20 Apr 2022
In today’s show, we’re running through 10 things that will help you know when you’re ready to buy your first home! Are my savings enough to cover the deposit? Are my property expectations and expected living conditions in order? Am I comfortable in dealing with real estate agents? – we cover these and more!
13 Apr 2022
In this episode, we’re giving you tips in dealing with real estate agents! What are the boundaries of a real estate agent’s job? What is underquoting and why is it an issue in the property market? How do you address an agent’s bluff? What’s ‘gazumping’? We answer these questions and more!
6 Apr 2022
In this episode, we’re joined by Kristy – one of our Home Buyer Academy students – as we talk about saving up for a deposit, making (and refusing) compromises when looking for property, dutch auctions, and heaps more!
30 Mar 2022
Is it a good idea to put your property search on hold when bank forecasts and headlines are predicting a real estate price crash? Today we’re talking about the property cycle and taking a look at case studies from previous peaks and troughs to navigate the real estate market.
23 Mar 2022
There’s much to learn in real estate and property investment – Whose advice should you lean on when considering property? What factors should you study when choosing property? How do you avoid getting analysis paralysis? – We cover these and more in today’s episode!
16 Mar 2022
Terry Condon of The Cashflow Co. joins us in this episode as we discuss sustainable cash flow management practices, the importance of upskilling, finding the balance between spending and saving, and much more!
9 Mar 2022
Are you considering buying Off the Plan property? Today, we’re sharing some real life examples of what could go wrong when you buy Off the Plan property, what in the world are sunset clauses, when is the best time to buy property, what to do when you get low valuation, and much more!
2 Mar 2022
Today, we’ve listed down the top 5 mistakes you need to avoid in a quickly progressing market. We tackle grants, auctions, taking too long to decide on a purchase and indecision, supply and demand, and much, much more. Tune in now!
23 Feb 2022
Craig Bigelow of Via Financial Group joins us as we tackle insurance for homeowners (and non-homeowners too) - why you NEED to have one, how you can afford to get insurance, lender’s mortgage insurance (and what it actually does), and more!
16 Feb 2022
Let’s talk about what you need to be aware of and the significance of getting the order of events right when purchasing a property. We’ll also give you a rundown of the ten steps involved in the P.A.C.E. system!
9 Feb 2022
Today, we’ll dig deeper into the news story that shocked thousands, study every aspect of the transaction, and understand why the Victorian family lost their money. We’ll also discuss the steps you need to take to not experience the same misfortune and what you should do before buying a property.
2 Feb 2022
Today, we have Peter Koulizos of The Property Professor to help us learn more about suburb gentrification and its indicators. Plus, we discuss how first home buyers can make better decisions when they have enough information about gentrification, warning signs to be aware of, and the basics of urban renewal.
26 Jan 2022
Today, we talked with Dr. Nicole Johnston, a senior lecturer and researcher at Deakin University, about her experience and knowledge on buying strata properties. We covered factors you need to look at when co-owning property, the risks involved, and more.
19 Jan 2022
In this Q&A episode, we answer the most asked questions we’ve compiled from first home buyers. We cover buying rental properties, property grades, finding the right local solicitors & inspectors, and other general topics you can surely learn from.
12 Jan 2022
Today, we’re going to talk about Veronica’s journey on her first property renovation: the things she did right, the ones she did wrong, and how you can learn from her experience. We also discuss which factors you need to consider before purchasing a house, funding mistakes to avoid, and more valuable property lessons!
5 Jan 2022
Today, Veronica interviews co-host Meighan and guest Jarrod McCabe of Wakelin Advisory to dive deep into what you should expect in the three biggest property markets in Australia. We cover the relocation trend in Queensland, clearance rates, auction campaigns, and more!
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